We’re happy to announce the cast list for “Equal and Opposite,” our short film! We had some amazing people at auditions, and we’ve got a great group.

Phoebe Novak               Antonia Weiss
Charlie Greenwood      Kevin Pollock
Riley Dietrich                Gloria Toupence
Mr. Rayne                      Jason Toupence
Mr. Baum                      Robert Deering
Elise                                Samira Sabrie
Cathy                              Elise Leonard
Mrs. Novak                    Ann Rosenquist Fee
Mr. Novak                      Danny Creel
Ms. Attel                         Lisa Quist

“Equal and Opposite” will be released on April 18, 2018!

If you’re interested in being an extra or being a part of the crew, send us an email at theouttakes.info@gmail.com!