spring 2018 short film

Equal and Opposite
a short film by the outtakes


In a world where a career in the arts is seen as the only path to success, Phoebe Novak dreams of becoming a chemical engineer for NASA. While her friends discuss the many opportunities offered for their interests, Phoebe is putting all her hopes into the McClintock Foundation Scholarship to make her dream come alive.

Inspired by well-meaning questions like, “What’s your backup plan?” and “Don’t you want something that makes money?” our short film aims to show how these insignificant comments can affect a young student. Those majoring in the arts have already asked themselves these questions, and have decided to pursue their passion wherever it takes them. Phoebe Novak is no different—she knows how precarious a career in STEM could be, but she’s going for it anyway, determined to see it become a reality.


We will be filming in Saint Peter, Minnesota on three Sundays in March with an additional retake day. Filming will be held from 12:30-6:30pm with a light snack provided during a half-hour break, and it will be kept as efficient and professional as possible. Using our own equipment as well as equipment from the Bethany Lutheran College film department, we aim to create a truly cinematic look and feel to the project.


We’re looking for teen and adult actors for our short film, as well as crew members! If you’re interested in auditioning, you can find out more info on our auditions page, or you can go directly to the auditions form here.

If you’re not sure about being a line-bearing character on screen but still want to be a part of this, you’re in luck! We’re looking for extras, so just send us an email at theouttakes.info@gmail.com to get signed up. Extras should preferably be between 14 and 20 years of age as the film is set in a high school, but if you’re an abnormally older-looking 12 year old, just reach out to us.

There won’t be auditions for those working behind the scenes, but be sure to send us an email to let us know if you’re interested in operating a camera, lights, microphone, or any one of the multiple crew positions we’ll have available.