join the crew!

Our aim this year is simple: we want to give opportunities to young artists in Southern Minnesota that haven’t existed before. We’ve held a contest, we’re enlisting actors, and we want to have young talent working with us as crew.

There are plenty of roles that we want to offer, from Assistant Director to PA. Here’s a full list of the jobs offered and their descriptions:

Assistant Director (D)

  • Main Responsibility: keep filming on schedule by driving it forward.
  • Make announcements/give directions to coordinate cast & crew
  • Control discipline on set
  • Oversee prep of “call sheet”

Camera Assistant (DOP)

  • Responsible for all camera equipment on set
  • Ensure that all shots are in focus and framed correctly
  • Work with camera operators to guarantee everyone knows their roles

Camera Operators (DOP)

  • Assist in positioning cameras
  • Responsible for all camera operation
  • Work with talent to communicate what is in shot

Production Sound Mixer (EP)

  • Make sure that sound recorded while filming is clear
  • Work with boom operator to decide placement of mics
  • At the end of each shoot, forward audio to post-production team

Boom Operator (EP)

  • Position mics during filming
  • Ensure that mics are out of the way of cameras and talent
  • Responsible for all sound equipment on set

Key Grip (D)

  • Responsible for stability of cameras, lights, and sound equipment
  • Assist in setting up lights

Makeup (DOP)

  • Decide on the “look” given to each character with the DOP
  • Apply makeup and oversee makeup continuity
  • Ensure that actors are comfortable in their looks

Wardrobe (DOP)

  • Assist on the wardrobe for each character with the DOP
  • Keep wardrobe organized
  • Oversee wardrobe continuity

Set Design (D)

  • Assist the director in setting the scene, includes
    • deciding what is on set
    • deciding how things are organized on set
    • ensuring continuity is upheld

Personal Assistants

  • Keep the shoots moving forward
    • allows DOP, D, and EP to remain on set
  • Must be able to drive


Anyone working on our set will be working directly under the Director (D), the Executive Producer (EP), or the Director of Photography (DOP), as is indicated above. No experience necessary; training will be part of the process.

Our Roles on Set

Director – Shannie Rao
Director of Photography – 
Katrina Creel
Executive Producer –
Rachel Quist

Reach out to us through email or over phone (507 514-3342) if you’re interested! Ideally, we want these opportunities to be given to high school students. Let us know if you have any questions.