liana snow – poetry

Poetry by Liana Snow
Sixth Grade
Saint Peter, MN

Mother Nature

There was a girl that was
The color of the earth
And the flowers
Mistook her for home
Their stems wrapped
Around her bare ankles
She twirled and lashed
But they would not let go
Since they thought
She was where they belonged
She cried on the pain
Her teardrops
Serving as a salty rain
As she fell into the ground
But she made the flowers happy
So she let them in her veins
Making all her suffering
Go away
She served as the sunlight
Being everything that they would need
And one day
The girl became a tree



She was homesick
For a place
That wasn’t home
Grass poking
At the soles of her feet
Mud markings
On her toes
On her temple
She put scissors
To her hair
Bits like snowflakes
Fell around her
As candy floss
Leaked from her mouth
And water came
Down her face
She fell to her knees
And softly whispered
Three delicate words
That erupted her heart
“I miss you”


Purple Girl

The purple girl
Who sipped her honey
Wasn’t as ordinary
As you thought she would be
She stood out
And blended in
Like the slice of circle sun
That peeked through the dark clouds
Her flawless facade
That hid her despair
Was her favorite mask
It matched her dress
And pants and shoes
With heavy tears
That bled through
She opened her wrists
And gave her blood
With flowers too
She needed them
And they needed
To be needed


Glass of Words

She sat at the table
And the waitress came
With a glass
Filled with words of
Acceptance and recognition
She swallowed the words
With her tranquil pills
As she wished to be transparent
She scratched another tally
On the meat of her palm
That counted her days of heartache
She breathed in the air
Starving for more
Of the love and attention
But she did not know
That every time she consumed
And filled herself up
It would all seep out
The holes of her body
She expected and wanted
All that she needed
But it was just another story
That was not meant
To end the happy way



I walk on the sidewalk
People and trees
Around me
Beneath me
Everything stops
Except for me
And the time
They say that it stops
But it never truly does
Because in each moment
Increments of past, present,
And future
Follow me
Walk with me
And go ahead of me
Creating moments
That are real
And full of thick
Good feelings
With sorrow hiding
Behind them