jordan keeley – sculpture

Jordan Keeley
12th Grade
Saint Peter, MN



     “In my ceramics class we were learning to authentically replicate and incorporate several different motifs commonly found in various cultures and art styles. I have created an aesthetically pleasing sculpture, composed of stoneware with manganese, decorated by several high-fire glazes strategically picked to represent natural earthy tones. Influenced by my Scandinavian heritage, this bust was carefully formed in the likeness of a Viking. To begin, I formed the rough shape of the head and shoulders, adding body to the bust using a layer of clay for the beard and the general helmet shape. After constructing the basic form, I meticulously added details and textures until the desired look was achieved. Through making this piece, I discovered that even though pieces may have originated from different places and been created in different ways, the fundamental desire to express yourself is in the basis of them all.”

-Jordan Keeley