Three high school seniors with an intense interest in books and black tights.


rquist 2Rachel Quist

If my life was filmed in black and white with full orchestration, it wouldn’t be dramatic enough for me.  My writing style is best described as “accidentally autobiographical”, and I won’t apologize for that.




Katrina Creelkatrina3

I’m an overachiever with a pinch of mental illness; unsurprisingly, I love writing. I’ll usually be posting short-ish fiction here, or when I’m bored and angsty you’ll get some amateur poetry. Enjoy!



shan 2

Shannie Rao

I relate to Hemingway; dying surrounded by cats would be the way to go. I may sound pretentious at first glance, but don’t worry— that’s just my way of covering up how much of a mess I am inside. You’ll see snippets of the world I live in when reading my poetry and fiction!