to soar

In honor of national poetry month, I figured I’d post a poem this time.  It’s a lot less structured than most poems I write, but I was just playing around with some things.  

the bells clang and outside winds roar

with songs of hope and sorrow and time’s gone by
so sitting here I pause for just a while

cries ring out above hills of gold
hills of beauty born from only death
yet for just a moment I catch my breath
before another mile face painted with a smile

the landscape slips from within my hold
they’re my cries now of anguish blood and war
I clutch the grass so even as I’m torn

away and feel the nothing in my hand
I sing a mourning song for my lost land
even as I sing just so I know in my heart I must let go

for in this place that gave me life I know I’ll never soar

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