I’ll find myself in a field of blossoms
heart full of color and eyes of sorrow
wrapping blankets of clouds made from silver
descending down like strange ancient columns
promising to raise up any tomorrow
that knocks down the door made from a mirror
I’ll find myself in a room that softens
slightly pauses a moment to borrow
again the cold heart of winter
and leaves only me repairing losses

Fragments spread wings and take flight cloaked in dark
ascending above in an unseen arc
Stars glancing down too in skies not quite blue
pausing to fall and begin life anew
In tandem they’ll soar clasping hands side by
side ways away from the days they could fly
til the past lays above the future below
and present is never a one time show

The most beautiful flower might even float
before my eyes turn away in despair
and dance back to the garden-bed laying
to rest with weary petals like limbs beaut
Perhaps some fallen flowers next a pair
of lovers to the wind’s music swaying
together even now they will devote
these last few moments to what they can share
A breeze a gust a gall it’s all saying
goodbye They beg to stay Whispered praying

From silver to gold and gold into black
slowly but surely we’ll find our way back
Through darkness and light we’ll find wings and take
flight away from the blank fearing the break
when all comes to stop and all comes to pass
in one colorful and reflective blast
that sends out a signal for all’s begun
welcoming all like a ray from the sun

A petal’s caress conjures memories
a tulip’s kiss white bells hearts pink and red
bleeding out fade away breathe no more
A garden of browns made of past reverie
alive through only those long since dead
and a single green that lies on the floor
Such a ground can never be remedied
no actions undone nor words kept unsaid
no beauty returned from neverending war
Grounds thirst for water after this bloodshed

Teardrops that fall from the sky high above
asking why it’s now broken this place full of love
They melt in the ground crawling deep beneath
circled by dead bulbs like some long passed wreath
of hope still silent that’s breathing no more
reminding all of the sight to abhor
and joining with all forever they’ll weep
for the garden trapped in a too early sleep

I’ll find myself in a field full of ghosts
that don’t dance nor sing nor speak of horrors
still fresh those from past now anew begin
taking hold reaching out for some almost
reached sky far off songs and one last bird soars
Forever without and never within
and trapped in the place of past innermost
safety Fear is all that’s in view forward
Slowly but surely the world starts to spin
and returning to sight places of lost

A cycle begins and returns to the start
swinging back to allow the past’s dance once
more and more flowers knowing not the end
that will always come true and tear apart
all who pass throughout performing their stunts
For no one will ever this pattern bend
continuing on causing all to depart
Creating lost to join those gone long since
a garden alive to only pretend
I’ll find myself in a field full in bloom
and watch as it seals me into a tomb

One thought on “Bloom

  1. Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. It’s beautiful. I think I could read it over and over again forever and each time find something deeper to pull on my heart. On a side note, I’d love to hear what this would sound like read aloud. Maybe you can read it to me sometime.
    Wonderful ❤️


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