More dramatic poetry! This is after several late-night attempts, and I ended up with this interesting rhyme structure. I’ve never written like this before, but hey, what is poetry if not for experimenting? 

If lovers had wishes;
no, stop there.
I wanted to tell you I no longer cared,
that erased from my mind were the
once-distant times
but the slightest of things
brings me more.

I call it crazy,
the way these memories somehow
wrap around me and now
this, an old person’s name
brings unfortunate pain
just the simplest sound
found, for what?

I am not angry,
though I wanted to be,
it is missing, it seems.
The future’s unfair
as it crawls in from where
I must leave you to live;
give me what?

The past stays where we are.
I have no interest in leaving
these dreams that I’m keeping
for somebody else to go through.
And I know, because you—
forgive the unneeded claim—
aim for more.

Today is too long to
hold onto hearts carved into pillars.
They’re not mine anyway,
and (possibly)

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