Spotlight on the Arts

It’s your turn for the spotlight. Submit to SPOTA by January 7, 2018 via the SPOTA Page in any of the following categories: art, film, music, creative writing, or photography. Must be from Saint Peter or surrounding areas. Just send us an email if you’re wondering if you’re eligible—you probably are!

Thank you so much to the following people who made this video so incredible.

Sophie Rao
Emily Spieker
Elise Leonard
Cyrus Brave Heart
Lillie Hagen
Josh Quist
Josiah Johnson
Lizzy Quist
Penelope Panciera
Sadie Blace
Mathew Meixner
Sophia Weelborg
Sophia Lee
Shawn Bagley
Bekah Hartwig
The Cast of “Footloose”
Lauren Mayer
Greta Anderson
Nora Leonard
Lily Werner
Noah Wilson
Lisa Quist
Scott Hermanson
Annette Engeldinger

and thank you as well to:
the Arts Center of Saint Peter
Saint Peter Public Schools
Gustavus Adolphus College
The Fillin’ Station
Mankato Ballet Company
Saint Peter Community Center

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