Rome & Juliet

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

-Hamlet, Act IV, Scene V

Back in November of 2015, the Outtakes didn’t even exist. In fact, we hardly even knew each other outside of our terrible biology project. One day, Shannie was casually pondering Shakespeare, as any normal high school sophomore would, and suddenly an idea struck her. It was a bigger project than she could handle by herself, so she called in the assistance of the only two writers she knew, and a literary webseries was born.

Rome & Juliet started, well, as a mess. There was a lot of writing terrible first drafts in the hallway after school (we were, after all, 16), and plenty of changes in plot and characterization. We ended up finishing the final screenplay and holding auditions by mid-August of the same year. We put together sets in our bedrooms and borrowed a friend’s DSLR camera for the entirety of filming. After dedicating six months of hard work directing, filming, and editing the fifty original episodes, we finally wrapped the production of Rome and Juliet. It was amazing to see our vision finally come true, and to share it with others. We found a community of people that enjoy our work, and people who are as passionate about creativity as we are.

It was never about making a professional webseries; it was about putting ourselves out there, exploring a medium we and no one we knew had ever attempted before, and actually completing the ambitious project that we’d set out to do. No matter how many people thought we wouldn’t pull through (including ourselves sometimes), we still did it in the end— and we’re so proud of that.

You can see the full series from beginning to end here!

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